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 "Donald May is a skilled massage therapist. His firm yet smooth touch combines overall relaxation with a keen injury specific focus. He is respectful, dependable, and sensitive to my individual needs. I have recommended him to many family and friends (including my 76 year old father) and have only heard rave reviews. My biweekly in-home massage is a treasure that I always enjoy." 

 Jennie Ellen, MD

"My life as a weekend warrior is markedly enhanced by Don's healing touch. Playing ultimate frisbee, golf, and soccer lends itself to an array of aches, pains, and soreness and I depend on Don's sports approach to keep me moving and playing. He is affordable, flexible and always respectful. I am very thankful for the therapeutic services Don provides."
 Christina Vasquez, PhD


"I have a lot of upper back and shoulder issues because old injuries and trauma. Most therapist I have been to before were so harsh to the point that they made the pain worse. Don manages to focus on my problem area and relieve the pain and tension. I'm left at the end of the session feeling better and more relaxed. A few years ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I underwent the prescribed therapy for it, which was very expensive because insurance didn't cover it, but the pain and discomfort increased. A friend of mine heard about my issue and recommended booking a session with Don. I was skeptical that a massage therapist could help me at that point because even a cortisone shot to my foot wasn't working to relieve the pain. I explained my situation to Don, he focused on that area and a few other areas that were contributors to the pain. After my first session, I was able to walk without discomfort. A few more sessions later, it felt like I never had plantar fasciitis. Because I'm on my feet most of my work day, I still get occasional flare ups, but Don always manages to help me through them and leaves me feeling great. I've been to a few massage therapists before, but Don has been the better of them all. He's very honest and sincere, and tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible."

Emma Gomez


 Beautiful work! I appreciated the fact that you paid attention to what i needed to have worked on. Wonderful pressure, and a nice caring feeling from your touch.

Rhonda Carson


You are very intuitive to areas which need work. I like your techniques of stretching the back, and stimulating the muscles. Just what this tired body needed.

Barbara Gudith

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