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7 Surprising Benefits of At-Home Massage

We know that receiving regular massage therapy can significantly relieve chronic pain, decrease physical and emotional stress, enhance sleep quality and offer an expanded sense of well-being. Receiving massage at home offers all of this, plus a variety of bonus benefits.

1. No traffic or time worries about getting to the massage. Relaxation begins before the massage appointment even starts.

2. Ease and comfort of familiar settings can shorten the time needed to enter a state of tranquility.

3. The massage therapist adapts to your home setting, working with your needs.

4. Options to choose your own music, set temperature, choose lighting.

5. Ongoing, interruption-free relaxation after the massage, allowing deeper healing.

6. No driving after the massage, so no need to become instantly alert.

7. Ability to extend the restorative experience by enjoying a nap, hot bath or cup of herbal tea.

Don May is a licensed massage therapist and owner of Intuitive Hands Mobile Massage. He is known for his gift of “groundedness”, which allows his clients to easily enter a state of deep relaxation—the state of being where the most profound healing takes place. Connect at 520-730-0656 or by emailing here.

-Article originally published in Natural Awakenings magazine, January 2016

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